The Peregrination


There is a special sect of the church of Ioun called “The Peregrination” answering directly to the Mythril Dragon, Zethirian.

Their mission is to travel to the furthest reaches of the land and discover lost knowledge, recored it into their minds, and eventually retell it to any other Peregrin’s that he meets or comes across.

In order to be a member of The Peregrination someone must meet certain requirements.
  • Must be a worshipper of Ioun
  • Must have a perfect memory
  • Must be able to grasp the concepts of both divine and arcane energy
  • Must show ingenuity and overwhelming self preservation

If these conditions are all met then the individual may be confronted by Zethirian, and taken to train as a Peregrine.


The training takes 10 years. The priest is trained in survival and combat, as well as arcane and divine rituals in order to make surviving in harsh environments more feasible.

They sect uses secret rituals to inscribe runes that channel Ioun’s power into the body of a Peregrin amplifying certain skills and giving the owner special powers.

The Peregrination

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