Regional Features:
Thaendah was once a beautiful coastal province in eastern Adendia, but an accident long ago, during the Age of Glory, fractured the province into a series of tightly packed islands. Thaendah is well known for its rich arcane history, and the powerful leylines that run through it have made it the perfect place for the Academy of Arcane Arts to build the home base of its Adendian Chapter there.

Cities, Villages, and Important Places:

  • Academy of Arcane Arts, Adendian Branch:
    The Araicath Mages, well known around the world, have made their Academy of study in Thaendah, due to its history as a place built up and torn apart by magic. The Araicath Mages use this place to study the history and magic of the continent, as well as for recruiting new members and training them there at the Academy.
  • Henswold:
    Henswold is a small town built on the ruins of the old Thaendah capital, Calandir, which was destroyed during the Age of Ruin.


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