Race: Drow Gender: Male Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Rogue Paragon Path: Cloaked Sniper Epic Destiny: Chosen of Erathis

Deity: Erathis

Physical Appearance: Although drow by birth, very little about his appearance would betray his dark elven heritage. Through a combination of magic and cosmetic surgery, Sylv has altered his appearance to look as human as possible: His skin tone has been colored from its natural pale white to appear more healthy, his ears have been cut short and molded in the roundish fashion natural to human kind, and his eyes have been changed from blood red to a sky blue. The only drow feature he has chosen to keep are his razor sharp teeth although he shows these off very rarely. As for his clothing, he dresses in dark colors and seems to have a fondness for silver jewelry, notably a silver symbol of Erathis which he wears around his neck.

Mannerisms/Personality: Nothing about Sylv’s friendly and outgoing personality would even hint at his occupation as the zealous agent of an order of deadly assassins, but deception is an art he has worked hard to master. Instead, he plays the part of the rogue and adventurer, journeying out into unknown lands seeking great peril and even greater riches.

History: Sylv’s real name is Kurthi Imoltyr and he was born into a lesser drow family within the Stygian Empire, a collection of dark elven cities and territories that encompass a very significant portion of the underworld. At a young age, Kurthi developed an unhealthy fixation with power and authority, but being at a low standing within one of the lesser drow families, he had little to no chance to advance beyond his station. Realizing this, he became frustrated and turned to crime as a desperate means to empower himself. Early successes made him careless, however, and he soon earned himself a mark for death from one of the city enforcement guilds. Absolutely terrified, he spent every last coin he robbed, cheated, or killed to aquire to get himself out of the city. He fled to other cities, but fared no better and after enough failures and near death experiences, he finally decided to leave drow society altogether and made the long, perilous journey to the upperworld. He renamed himself Sylv after his favorite precious metal and began a new life on the surface. He naturally gravitated towards crime once more, finding the skillset he acquired in his previous life to be enormously useful in making a profit on the surface. He was much more careful, however, as his previous experiences had wizened him up to the perils of his chosen profession and he liked the surface so much that he really didnt want to throw it all away by doing something stupid. And so he became a shadow, forgetting his previous desire for fame and glory and worked in secrecy. He integrated himself into several separate criminal organizations, mastering the networks and pulling the right strings to get what he wanted. Over time he became immensely wealthy and powerful to the point he began to believe himself untouchable. But, naturally, it was at this pinnacle of success that he slipped up and was caught. A group of warriors, called the Sons of Mercy, dedicated to ridding the world of crime figured Sylv out and caught him. Despite his impressive skills, Sylv was no match for the Sons of Mercy and could not escape them and they locked him in a dungeon to await his execution. On the day before he was to be put to death, however, he was approached by a mysterious man. The man said he knew of Sylv’s vast knowledge of the criminal underworld and that this knowledge was too valuable an asset to just be destroyed. He offered Sylv a deal that if he was to help the man’s cause, Sylv would be allowed to live. Desperate for any opportunity to avoid death, Sylv eagerly agreed. In Sylv’s mind the man was a fool to trust him and planned to escape as soon as possible, but before he knew it he was actually wanting to help the man. Through sorcery and an ancient art of manipulating the heart, the man and his mysterious order began to change Sylv, brainwash him into sympathizing with their cause. He learned that this man served a goddess, a great goddess that was truly the guiding light of the world. Erathis, her name was, was leading the world towards a new age; a golden age of civilization where all lands and people would thrive and be at peace. However, there were people that stood in the way, people that threatened to drive the world backwards, back to violence and chaos. These barbarians must be stopped at all cost and Sylv could help them do that. Sylv never knew how susceptible his mind was to their persuasion; how easy he was to bend and manipulate. All he knew was that these barbarians had to be eliminated and he was going to do it. He swore his allegiance to Erathis and the name of progress and devoted every fiber of his being to making her will become reality. Sylv gladly gave up all the information he had on the criminal organizations and their complex networks and proved his loyalty by joining the fight against them. He was deemed an operative of the church of Erathis and began training as an assassin. With his talents in stealth and subterfuge combined with the innate drow abilities he possessed, he proved to be a natural killer and before long he was hunting down and eliminating many prominent crime lords and earning great respect among the church. Such loyalty and dedication he showed to his cause that only after a few short years he was offered an opportunity usually reserved for the highest ranking members of his order: He would be sent to the frontier; to a land that had yet been blessed with the glory of civilization. There he would be the hand of Erathis, ensuring that the small colony there grew into a glorious city and the hostile wilderness was reclaimed in the name of progress. Eager for such a great test of his ability and devotion, Sylv packed his bags and left for the new world.

Campaigns: Vaphano


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