World of Cydia

The Crimson Blight (2/11/2010)

The party of Rahzier, Ptah, Bort and Onyx made their way to the end of the graveyard after fending off hordes of cursed beings. Upon reaching the end of the graveyard, they came upon a graveplot devoted to a deseased warrior named Dullahan . Through a triggered magic effect, Dullahan rose and engaged the party in combat. The party emerged victorious and moved down the hill and onto a bridge, the castle silhouetted in the distance. They began their trek across the bridge but were soon followed by large ape like skeletons that threw exploding barrels at the bridge, causing it to begin a chain reaction and collapse the bridge. The party ran far enough ahead of the falling rocks to save themselves from plummeting into the ravine. The party was then engaged by monsters who had climbed up the sides of the bridge. The battle was quickly won, but soon after, exploding skulls launched themselves at the party, striking the bridge behind them, thus continuing the bridge’s destruction. The party made it to the other side of the bridge and was met by more possessed evils that were quickly dispatched. They made their way to the gates of the castle that was guarded by a huge suit of inanimate armor. The walls were lined with smaller suits of armor, all of them broken or ruined except one. Onyx moved past the large guardian to open the door, but his touch awoke the sleeping constructs and they attacked the party. The party exhausted the last of their energy felling the towering enemy. They used the pieces of the construct to bar the door and relying on the collapsed bridge to protect them on their other side, rested. When they entered the castle. they came upon an ornate richely decorated ballroom full of dancers and finery. At the head of the ball stood 3 figures, a cloaked figure, a finely dressed drow, and a beautiful human woman. After noting that the dancers and party guests would take no notice of the party, they moved to the front of the room. Ptah stepped forward and explained their purpose for being at the masters castle, Rahzier and Onyx protested to consorting with such obvious evil, but Ptah sought a peaceful solution. Ptah challenged the master of the castle to a gentlemen’s duel for information against the wager of the party having to scale the castle and its traps. The duel was closely fought but in the end the master of the castle, who’s identity was now known to be Count Bahvaan, won the duel and banished his magical guests from the ballroom leaving behind ruins and corpses. The party made their way into the first room of the castle. Ptah and Bort warned of the requirement for caution while making thier way through the halls, sadly Onyx did not listen and smashed through a trapped door, spraying the party with necrotic energy, and then made his way into the next room activating a panel on the floor that caused blades to fly and crisscross the length of the room. Ptah quickly disabled the trap before any real damage could be done and the party moved down the hall through another door onyx smashed down. At the end of the hall, Onyx heard speaking through the door, and smashed his way through again. The monsters inside were easily finished off as the party began its quest through the castle of the vampire.



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